Helping B&B owners and accommodation providers to reach more people, increase direct bookings and transform their businesses.

Get MORE Of What You Want ...

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Growing A Successful And Profitable Accommodation Business Doesn't Have To Be Hard

You offer an exceptional place to stay and a service that is second to none.  So why on earth is it so difficult to take things to the next level?

I understand what it’s like when you don't have enough guests, you aren’t making enough profit and your business isn’t going in the direction you want it to.  I know how it leaves you feeling frustrated, exhausted, afraid of running out of money and, on more days than you’d like to admit, ready to quit! 

I've been exactly where you are and it's those feelings that led me to create a unique formula that transformed my accommodation business.  

My formula helped me to double turnover for four consecutive years without using OTAs and receive awards and accolades in recognition of my success.   

Over the past ten years, through unique programs of teaching and coaching, I've shared my formula with hundreds of accommodation providers around the world helping them to get more guests, become better business owners and build successful businesses.

Now I'd love to help you to achieve the same.


If we haven't met before, let me introduce myself ...

Hello, I'm Stephanie Thomas and I help B&B owners and accommodation providers to seriously boost bookings and move their businesses forward.  I educate, motivate, inspire and support them to achieve more than they ever thought possible.


And I do it in the most simple and effective way possible: no fluff, no jargon, just results.


What makes me different?

There are a lot of consultants, coaches and marketing experts who offer advice on getting more guests, but the problem is MOST of them have NEVER built and run a successful accommodation business themselves. 

Only a handful really walk their talk – and I am honoured to be recognised as one of the few.  I really have been there and done it – I have walked the same path that you are walking now.


My early days as a B&B owner were rough!  But through hard work, dedication and stubborness, together with my husband Neil, I turned a run-down B&B into an award winning establishment with a 92% occupancy rate that was achieved without the need for OTAs within just 2 years!

Stephanie helped us to change so many things when it came to marketing our business.  She helped us to significantly increase bookings and take our B&B to the next level.  

James & Veronica, England

We've become so much more confident in our offering and are unlocking our business' potential.  I say to any accommodation provider thinking of working with Steph - JUST DO IT!

Phillipa & Bill, New Zealand

Stephanie is an expert in her field.  She has the experience and skills needed to survive in this changing world which, let's be honest, has been extreme for those of us running smaller hospitality businesses. 

Claire, Scotland

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