Discover How To Ensure Your Business Bounces Back After Lockdown!

Learn how to attract guests and boost direct bookings in these changed times.

As countries ease their lockdown restrictions and the world starts to re-open, people are slowly starting to gain more confidence.  After being trapped indoors for so long, many are now looking to escape for a much-needed break away.

However, just putting all the necessary measures in place to ensure you provide a safe environment for your guests WILL NOT be enough to attract bookings in these challenging times.


People are still very nervous about going back out into the big wide world and although desperate for a change of scene they will be VERY particular about where they choose to stay.

If you want to attract a consistent flow of bookings, you need to do the things that will ensure they pick YOU!

Hi, I'm Stephanie Thomas and over the past 10 years I've worked with hundreds of accommodation providers from all around the world, I've been supporting, helping and advising owners of every type of accommodation business that you can think of.  

And through it all, I've discovered what makes a BIG difference in the businesses that thrive vs those that only just survive.

Over the past few months I've been working with my students to put a survival plan in place in preparation for the moment when they could 
re-open their doors.   
And the work has paid off! 


But don't just take my word for it ... here's what just a few of them have to say ..... 

The survival plan has worked!  We re-opened with a bang on 22 May and haven't stopped since.  81% of guests staying in the first eight weeks of re-opening after lockdown have booked DIRECT.   With over 80 bookings so far that's a LOT of extra profit in our pocket!  Thank you Stephanie for helping us to navigate these terrible times and emerge stronger than ever!  #TrustTheProcess

Joy, Australia

Today has been crazy! One 42 night booking. Say what?  Plus 4 bookings for 3-5 nights.  Ooo and a two week stay in our RV.   The amazing thing is I'm now only $400 short from last year's numbers to current.  I predict I will pass last year's numbers in the next few days.  That's completely crazy considering the world we're currently in!  As you keep saying, just #TrustTheProcess!

Lisa, USA

My occupation rate for July and August has surpassed my predictions!  Since our re-opening on 3rd July, we have been booked every night and so far 86% of bookings have been DIRECT!  Plus they're longer stays, which is less work, and almost all guests are buying additional services too which means even more profit!  A great start to Operation Welcome Back! #TrustTheProcess

Barbara, Canada

Ready To Stop Worrying About How You're Going To Get Through The Rest Of 2020 And Beyond 

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